Cork and Fork Fest Chill Zone

Borambola Wines launched the very first Cork and Fork Fest Chill Zone on Friday 13th October. So what is the Chill Zone you might ask... well, it's a space away from the crowds for you to relax, kick up your heels and chill with your friends.

We set up a great area with seating and a private bar - but the great thing is you're still close enough to the action to quickly go and grab your choice of food from our great vendors and hear all the smooth tunes from our local artists. 

Our Chill Zone is available to hire for groups of 10+ - but don't worry if you have a smaller group we can combine you with someone elses group and you wont even know. Packages start at $15 per person and include a free drink of your choice when you arrive.

Contact Casey by emailing for more information and package options.

Casey WilsonComment