Who We Are

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Tim McMullen

Tim McMullen is the Owner Operator/ Director of Borambola Wines. Tim planted the first vine in 1995 and finally began living out his passion for the wine industry. Borambola Wines is a family owned business and specialises in 100% locally grown and produced wine, beer and cider, and Borambola Wines has received over 20 awards at various regional shows across all of our brands.

You will often find Tim out at the farm with Spot the dog, managing all aspects of the winery and making sure that it is in pristine condition. When Tim isn’t at the farm he is in front of his computer answering emails or attending Rotary. Tim has a strong involvement with the Wagga community often donating his time to charity events and running community events under the Borambola Wines name.

Naomi Miller

Naomi Miller is the Chief Marketing Officer and Wedding Coordinator of Borambola Wines. Naomi has a background in marketing and events having worked in the travel industry for over 20 years.

Naomi is also very community orientated and is the past President of the local group, Women in Business Wagga Wagga Inc.

You will often find Naomi at local events, both assisting with the running of the event and attending, making life long connections. Naomi has been supporting Tim and Borambola Wines to help to grow the business to what it is today.

Naomi Miller
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