About Us

Borambola Vineyard was established in 1995, when we planted the first Chardonnay grapes in the grey sandy loam soil on the western side of the homestead, at an elevation of 250 metres. Encouraged by the success of our first vintage of Chardonnay, we moved on to stage two: Borambola red wines. It seemed like exponential growth, but in 1997 we expanded the vineyard to the equally verdant eastern and northern paddocks and planted Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon.

Established over 20 years ago, Borambola Wines is a family-owned and operated business that specialises in the production of 100% local and estate-grown wines. With the first seedling of Chardonnay being planted in 1995, the McMullen family has seen the grounds of the Borambola Homestead flourish into a winery with five different selections of wine, as well as the production of beer and cider.

Taking inspiration from a variety of iconic local motifs, Borambola Wines has the following varieties of wine, beer and cider available at the Cellar Door for purchase and ordering:

We welcome visitors to our Cellar Door for tastings, as well as catering for weddings, ceremonies, corporate functions and special events.

Borambola Wines most outstanding feature is the commitment of the family to produce and supply excellent wine. As a team, the McMullen family is committed to building a successful business, increasing awareness of the quality wines produced in the Gundagai region and organising events to attract locals and tourists to the region. Individually, members of the family are representatives on local and regional wine and tourism committees that assist in promotion and expansion of the region.  

The philosophy of Borambola Wines is to grow the best grapes, to make the best quality wines with regional expression utilising organic and environmental best practice, combining the traditional “old wine world” wine making methods with the technology of the “new wine world”.

The Borambola Name

Borambola is an Aboriginal name derived from the Bora Ceremony at which young men were initiated as a prelude to recognition as full-grown men. The Bora Ring is the sacred ground where the initiation rites are observed.