Tuckerbox Hoppy Lager Beer (Est. 2009)

Tuckerbox Hoppy Lager Beer (Est. 2009)

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Like his counterpart on the tuckerbox, Rusty the Jack Russell terrier waited eagerly to greet visitors to Borambola Homestead. His luck run out before his master's when he met an 18 wheeler while chasing a bitch. Spot now stands guard in his place.

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Brewers Notes

The beer is inspired by Australia’s rich brewing history using the finest quality ingredients to produce a full-flavoured beer and a palate finish that is refreshingly long and clean.

Colour: Tuckerbox is a golden honey colour
Nose: This clean drinking golden lager balances slight malt sweetness with medium bitterness and a citrus floral aroma
Palate: A small percentage of crystal malt is used in the mash to darken the colour and provide a fuller palate

Brewing & Production

Tuckerbox is brewed with 100% Australian malted barley.  98% Pilsner malt, 2% Crystal malt. Bittering is achieved using New Zealand Super-Alpha hops imparting a clean bitterness at 20 IBU. Whilst the late hop character is achieved by dry hopping with US Cascade directly into the maturation vessel after fermentation for flavour & aroma contributions. Fermented with a German Lager yeast strain

Chemical Analysis

Alcohol: 4.8% v/v