Movies By Moonlight and Borambola Wines see growing demand for outdoor cinema screenings

With picnic rugs and popcorn at the ready, outdoor cinema screenings have gripped the Riverina as a fun night out for all ages. 

After more than 10 years in the business, Movies By Moonlight owner and operator Matthew Canny said he is continually getting more and more bookings. 

“People are looking for unique events and ones really easy to set up,” he said.

Mr Canny has teamed up with South Wagga Apex and Wagga Urban Landcare and Wagga City Council to provide a free season of outdoor films. 

“We will be screening in March,” he said.

“This is the third year and over 300 attendance per show and it’s growing every year.” 

Borambola Wines’ Naomi Miller said it is definitely a popular trend, with their latest outdoor screening selling out. 

“Based on feedback, people seem to love the classics,” she said. “Something they know and can sing along with while also catching up with their friends. 

“Our demographic is mostly women aged between 25 and 65.” 

Ms Miller said the reason for its growing popularity is that is a safe, casual and easy environment where residents can catch up with their friends. 

“People enjoy being outdoors and they like a glass of wine,” she said. “They want something different.” 

Mr Canny said classic films worked well as a drawcard for the events at Borambola.

“You should have heard the screams from the women when Patrick Swayze came on,” he said. 

Both Ms Miller and Mr Canny said there has been an obvious increase in the demand for outdoor cinema. 

** Article taken from The Daily Advertiser -

Casey Wilson